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Blackstone: The Gold Standard in Merchant Services. For discerning professionals seeking robust payment processing solutions, our reputation speaks for itself. Entrust your business operations to a partner synonymous with reliability and precision

Point of Sale Systems

Our Point of Sale System is here for you when you need it most. Designed specifically for your type of business, thus increasing efficiency and maximizing profits.

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Credit Card Processing

Our systems are prepared to accept “Contactless” (NFC), Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Smart Card Chip (EMV) and EBT cards. We also accept American Express for as low as 1.99%.

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Accept Payments Online

The simplest and cheapest way to accept online payments instantly. With our Blackstone Gateway, you can accept credit cards in your local store as well as online payments.

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Sell Prepaid Products

Increase your revenue by offering prepaid products such as cell recharge, international recharge, pinless products, long distance cards, SunPass reload and even Utility Bills.

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Comprehensive Merchant Services for Business Excellence


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    Merchant Services helps you gain enhanced control of your business.

    Business Payment Solutions: How We Can Empower Your Business Operations?

    Explore our innovative business payment solutions tailored to streamline your business operations. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and foster growth with our advanced payment technology. We’re here to empower your business.

    We provide a better overall customer experience through our Products and Services. Blackstone Merchant Services helps you gain enhanced control of your business. Our Point of Sale solutions are specifically designed to fulfill your business needs.

    Merchant Services Solution

    Our complete solutions systems allow you to increase profits and make better and faster decisions. As an industry pioneer, we are the only company that offers the value-added convenience of prepaid products and services along with complete merchant solutions. Hand your credit card processing to a partner you can trust.

    Why Blackstone Merchant Service is different ?

    Merchant Services Miami Fl, Clover Statio Duo 2

    Merchant Service Advantages

    Blackstone Merchant Services offers a comprehensive suite of products for your business to grow. We offer a full line of payment processing solutions such as credit/debit, EBT, check acceptance verification, gift cards and many more products to take your business to the next level. We are here to help you maximize your profits and increase your sales. Blackstone Merchant Services is the only merchant service provider you will need.
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    Our Mission

    At Blackstone Merchant Services we are committed to providing merchants with comprehensive payment processing solutions. We strive to provide the highest level of personal financial services in a friendly, professional atmosphere; to increase the knowledge and ability of our customers to manage and control their financial well-being and to provide sound financial management in order to maintain earnings for continued growth.

    Meet Your New Business Partner,
    The Clover® Station Solo

    The Clover Station Solo serves as an all-in-one payment and point-of-sale solution tailored for business owners aiming to streamline payment processing, enhance customer interactions, and efficiently manage daily operations through a unified device.

    This system boasts:

    A user-friendly touchscreen interface.

    A rapid-response printer.

    A secure cash storage compartment.

    Highlighted features encompass:

    Comprehensive acceptance of EMV® card and touchless payments (Note: Clover Mini is essential for PIN Debit transactions).

    A vibrant 14” HD screen, equipped with a swivel mechanism, facilitating e-signatures and interactive customer experiences.

    A secure fingerprint authentication method for merchant access.

    An advanced processing unit with 4GB RAM, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 octa-core CPU and 16GB ROM storage.

    Versatile connection alternatives, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth® BLE, along with four USB connectors and dual ports for cash drawers.

    A standard point-of-sale printing device.

    A built-in battery backup, ensuring up to four hours of uninterrupted service, although printers won’t function during this mode.

    Compatibility with pre-existing Clover add-ons.

    Payment Processing Services with Clover Station Solo Miami
    Clover Duo 2 provided by blackstone merchant services

    The Clover® Station Duo 2: All-in-one POS for faster service at your counter

    We are pleased to announce that the Clover Station Duo 2 is now available in the U.S. market. This advanced countertop point of sale (POS) system has been meticulously designed to cater to the evolving needs of today’s merchants.

    Key Features:

    Dual Displays: Equipped with both a merchant-facing screen and a customer-facing display, it ensures seamless and efficient transactions.
    Integrated Receipt Printer: Enhance the checkout experience with a built-in receipt printer.

    Comprehensive Software Suite: With access to Clover’s proprietary software and the expansive App Market, the Station Duo 2 serves as a central hub for all your business operations.

    Ideal For:

    Quick service restaurants aiming for swift and interactive payment processes.
    Retail outlets focused on precision and efficiency in transactions.
    Personal service providers looking for an engaging payment experience.
    Any establishment that prioritizes a customer-facing screen for prompt and accurate payments.

    Elevate your business operations with the Clover Station Duo 2, now available for purchase.